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Founded in Athens in 2010 and made up of a team of young professionals. They share the same passion about Greek food and Mediterranean diet. After travelling all around Greece, they had the opportunity to explore the flavors of different types of olive oils and meet people that generously offered their wisdom for the olive tree and its fruits. All the knowledge was combined in the creation of the ''MYTHIC OLIVE'' olive oils. 

After years, we are still searching  and knowing the world of olive oil. The vision remains the same and is to bring Greek olive oil into every nation's diet plans. We want consumers to know more about the benefits of this "liquid gold" and to understand how it can be a part of every cuisine.

 Our company's credo includes commitment to quality and responsibility across from all of our customers. This means guaranteed consistency of services regarding product quality, quantities, lead times and prices. To accomplish this, we cooperate only with producers, olive mills and packaging plants that comply with the highest quality standards.



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